Welcome to a world of woodland knits and creative yarn crafts.

In 2011 Twigs woke up from an entangled nest of yarn and decided to bring knitting patterns and other knitty and yarn delights out of the woods and into the big wide world of the Internet.

Peep inside and you will find knitting patterns aimed at the adventurous knitter who's looking to explore their knitting and challenge their skills, lots of lovely knitty fun and creative crafts alongside stories of the woods and what you can find if you just take a moment...

Join Twigs on a creative journey through knitwear design in the woods and see what's inside twigs dreams as well as her knitting nest!

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Learn Knitting With Twigs - Knitting Workshops In Staffordshire And Beyond.

Have you always admired knitting and wondered if it’s something you could do? Are you tangled up in yarn and confused by all the peculiar abbreviations?

Well, I can help you!

I love sharing my knitting experience with others so I'm on a mission to find great places I can offer knitting workshops.