Grace Lace Hand Knitted Scarf

Inspired by the recent influx of rosebay willow herb over Cannock Chase I was drawn to some scrumptious Louise Harding yarn in a similar pink colour while in Yarn Gathering of Stone, Staffordshire.  Grace Lace Hand Knitted Scarf comes from this colour  inspiration.

I do not usually knit with beaded yarn, normally drawn to more earthy yarns, but I have to say, Louise Harding’s new yarns ‘Grace Hand Beaded’ really caught my eye.  It is a mix of 31 % silk and 31% Merino wool with 8% polyester and 30% glass beads.  I chose to take some stunning photographs of the scarf on the Glacier Boulder on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.  I felt that this boulder drew out the glass beads of the scarf perfectly!  I have also included a few photographs of me wearing the scarf, as quite often my subscribers like to see what my knitty creations look like on a person aswell as in woodland scenes 😉

The uniqueness of this yarn is quite staggering as each bead is individually added to the yarn, making each skein unique.  The colour I chose was 006 which is a very deep pink.

While buying ‘Grace Hand Beaded’ I found some more Louise Harding yarn called ‘Grace Hand-dyed’.  This yarn is again entirely unique as it is individually painted. It matched the beaded yarn perfectly, in multi colour 20.  It is a mix of 50% merino wool and 50% silk.

I decided to design a long lace stripy scarf using alternating Grace Hand-dyed and Grace Hand Beaded.

I designed the scarf so that it can be wrapped round the neck a few times, can be tied so that the ends are staggered stripes.  This is why the hand-dyed part of the stitching at the ends are different lengths.  You get a very good staggered stripe effect when the scarf is worn.  The rest of the alternating stripe lengths of rows are equal.  The final length of the scarf is 214cm using 2x 50g of each type of yarn.

The pattern is easy to follow lace pattern.  You could adapt the pattern to use any yarn, however, I highly recommend this beautiful yarn, its soft and pretty and very feminine. Download my Grace Lace Hand Knitted Scarf pattern from my Ravelry pattern store or via my Etsy shop! You could extend the amount of cast on stitches and transform the scarf into a shawl or cowl.  That is the fun thing about my knitting patterns, they inspire creativity and you could really make your own knitty creation using my patterns as a spring board!


  1. This is *lovely*! I’ve seen that wool in my LYS but not, I think, those gorgeous colours. The photos against the grey rock show it off nicely! A great photo shoot 😉

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