Noro Silk Garden Lace Shawl

Hand Knitted Noro Silk Garden Shawl Knitting PatternHand Knitted Noro Silk Garden Shawl Knitting PatternHand Knitted Noro Silk Garden Shawl Knitting PatternHand Knitted Noro Silk Garden Shawl Knitting Pattern










If you’ve ever fancied knitting a lace shawl but have never known quite where to begin, or you have one ball of Noro Silk Garden yarn in your stash, why not try this lace shawl knitting pattern?

This Pattern Uses

1 ball Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn 100g/300 mtre colour no: S321. The pattern uses most of the 100g ball

4.5mm needles (circular needles are easier for this shawl)
Space marker.
Sewing needle (to tidy ends).

This pattern is an easy lace pattern that’s suitable for beginners to lace knitting. If you haven’t knitted anything before I’d practise some basic knitting techniques before tackling a pattern like this.

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  1. I left you a PM on ravelry concerning the slip stitches. Please check message.

  2. Barbara Levinson says:

    what size is the shawl?

  3. Suzanne Heatherington says:

    I’m a beginning knitter who has made only one knitted lace shawl and want to attempt this Noro Silk Garden Shawl and have a couple of questions that I hope you have time to answer. First, I see in Row 4 that I’m to “PM”, place a marker. But don’t see any reference to a marker after that. What’s the purpose of this marker, please. Also, Row 13 says “Continue until 219 sts, ending on a WS row.” Continue what, please? Should I simply repeat Row 12 and stay at 27 sts? It’s possible that the progression of increases will become clear as I work, but as the silk blend yarn is costly, I’d like to have all my “ducks in a row” before casting on. Thank you very much. sh

  4. Suzanne Heatherington says:

    Whoops! I now see the abbreviation “SM” so the first part of my post above is moot. So sorry! But I still don’t know what row(s) to repeat at Row 13. (I feel like such a doofus!)

    • Hi Suzanne, lovely that you have purchased my pattern – thank you. Sorry the pattern is causing you confusion. The best way for me to describe it is as follows for continuing row:
      (RS) sl1 K1 yo are your continuing edge stitches of each RS row to end of shawl.
      then: (yo, K2tog) to centre stitches
      Then: yo, SM K1,yo these are your centre stitches for RS rows to end of shawl.
      then: (SSK, yo) to last 3 stitches
      then: K1, yo, K2 for your edges stitches on every RS row to end of shawl.
      (WS) Sl1 purlwise, K to end on every WS row to end of shawl.

      Hope this clarifies it for you, let me know how you get on,
      Becky x

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